6 Small Bathroom Design Ideas for a Minimalist Home

Small Bathroom Decoration Ideas

The bathroom is a place to cleanse yourself while relaxing the body. Therefore, the bathroom must be as comfortable and beautiful as possible. What if the size of the bathroom is small? Is it possible to make it look beautiful? Certainly can. The trick starts with listening to the inspiration for the following small bathroom design offerings by us.

Design a small, vintage-style bathroom

Small Vintage Bathroom Design
Small Vintage Bathroom Design © google.com

Vintage style design synonymous with flowers and wood furniture. You can also bring it to complete the design of a small bathroom. If you want to use a wooden table, make sure you have coated it with water repellent so that it is not easily weathered. Place several flower vases on the table or in the sink area. Add a basket to store dirty towels and clothes. For the floor, try using penny tiles and shapes into floral patterns.

Design a small Victorian-style bathroom

Small Victorian Style Bathroom Ideas
Small Victorian Style Bathroom Ideas © elledecor.com

Victorian style interior which has been synonymous with luxury and spacious rooms, it turns out that it can also be applied to the design of small bathrooms. Some of the elements that need to be presented for the design of this small Victorian-style bathroom are the claw feet type bath, golden nuances of the chandelier, and a mirror on the wall for a wider impression of the land.

To be more complete, you can add a small statue to decorate the design corner of a small bathroom. If necessary, use bathroom ceramics with small motifs as floor coating.

Design a small bathroom with a floating shelf

Small Bathroom with Floating Shelf
Small Bathroom with Floating Shelf © mydevstaging.com

There are lots of items placed in the bathroom. Call it shampoo, bath soap, scrubs, tissues, towels, toothbrushes, scrubbing tools, and so on. In order for the design of the small bathroom to still look neat, just use a floating shelf to put all the items. Install the shelf on the top wall of the toilet so it doesn’t interfere with cleaning activities.

Design a small bathroom with a shelf behind the mirror

Shelf Behind Mirror for Bathroom
Shelf Behind Mirror for Bathroom © google.com

Another idea for a small bathroom design is a shelf behind the mirror. You can make a shelf that blends into the wall. Then use a mirror for the sliding door to save more space. If you want another model, try using a cupboard with mirror doors that are sold in furniture stores.

Design a small bathroom with a shower

Small Bathroom with Shower
Small Bathroom with Shower © homebnc.com

The size of your bathroom is too small so it’s impossible to use a bathtub? Then try a small bathroom design with a shower like this. Place the shower in the corner of the bathroom, then attach the partition so that the water is not splashed in all directions. It would be better if the part of the glass is so that the bathroom looks spacious. This one small bathroom design is suitable to be applied to a rectangular shape room. If possible, display a painting on one of the walls that is far from the reach of water.

Design a small Mediterranean-style bathroom

Small Mediterranean Bathroom
Small Mediterranean Bathroom © architectureartdesigns.com

The last small bathroom design is Mediterranean style. There are not many elements used in this small bathroom design. There is only a bathtub and noche (a rack jutting into the wall). The walls and floors used for the design of this small bathroom are light brown natural stones. Likewise for the bathtub. The appearance of the small bathroom design also looks natural and elegant.

If it is tailored to the taste and concept of your home interior, what kind of small bathroom design is the closest to hope?

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